Teached by a Canadian National Team player, Angelo Destounis remained in the shadows as a young pupil for over a decade, honing his craft of making shin guards without rest until the latter mastered his technique. His sole purpose; to protect every soccer player in the universe. 

And to make things clear, this product is not officially licensed or recognized by the governing body of FIFA, and most certainly in no way shape or form does Gianni Infantino have any affiliation to this project. The monies collected are really to support Angelo's loved ones and help fund his creative projects.

Why shin guards?

A long time ago, a fellow member of the Ringleaders called Jason Good got seriously injured during a match, on a 50/50 ball contact. Angelo's teammate wasn't wearing shin guards, and so got seriously injured and rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery. As a leader of his community, Angelo felt like he let down a member of his beloved group and swore this would never happen again. 

The good news is that you are now able to customize your own shin guards! Your creative journey starts now. The steps are easy and we have a team of technicians on stand by, ready to make your soccer dreams come true. 

Shin guards are like snowflakes, not one of them is the same;)

Yours truly,
Angelo Destounis